Saturday, January 17, 2009

TWO!!! Puttin' on the Glitz

Only two more days!! WooHoo!! I don't know about you, but I'm getting pretty darned excited. How will you spend Inauguration Day?
Are you partying? Do tell!

If you've been following my blog, you will remember the disaster piece that I shared in my last post. Many of you were very kind to offer suggestions on how to fix it up, and so yesterday I decided to take your words to heart and fiddle around with it a bit. I decided to make some gingko leaves out of Angelina fiber and and add them:

I auditioned the leaves onto the top of the fabric, but didn't like them this way:

So, as Gerrie had suggested, I added a layer of organza to make the printed leaves appear to be below the surface of the water

then I put the Angelinaleaves on top

I quilted it all down yesterday afternoon, but did not add the leaves until this morning. Pam, Eva, and Elizabeth all suggested more gingkos: some bright, some faint, so I made a couple of fainter ones this morning. I see the sun shining on the upper left 2/3s of the piece, and the bottom right corner being more or less in the shade. I added a small piece of blue tulle down there, and the darker Angelina gingko leaves. I like the effect:

I bounded it with some of the backing turned over, and here it is, "Puttin' on the Glitz":

and a detail shot:

Thank you one and all for your suggestions and support! See, I do listen!! It was a fun little project, and I have now cleared the decks and will get busy with my next project!

Life is good, and getting better all the time!!!



Gerrie said...

I love how the ginko leaves are reflected in the "water". Nice!!

Eva said...

The gold is so nice with the blue and green, I confess I thought they were clashing, but the "glitz" created harmony.
... The picture for you is half finished. Title: "Pink Bridge". The rest is a surprise (for me, too).

Carol said...

Oh, wow! I knew you'd do something clever and you did. The piece is really lovely. You never cease to amaze me. AND - two more days - yep, I'm excited. XXOO

Elizabeth said...

This came out jus beautifully!! i love the layers and the angelina and how some leaves are pushed back and others come forward!!

I am over the moon excited about this Inauguration!! I am doing community service work on Monday at a homeless shelter and a woman's shelter and then on Tuesday I have several handwork projects lined up and I am going to watch the whole thing on MSNBC all day>> i will probably be crying right along with Chris Matthews (msnbc) tears of total JOY of COURSE!!!!!
I PRAY that EVERYONE will follow Obama's call to get involved and to make things happen !!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Love your "Puttin' on the Glitz". Clear and shiny in the colors.

If I was an American and got Obama for president, I would have celebrated all day long.
I hope he will get a good start in/on his presidency time.

Kram Eva

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