Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hearty and Arty Stuff

Elizabeth is having a lovely heart giveaway in celebration of her 250th blog post. Go take a peak, leave a comment, and link her on your blog so that you can be in the running for her stunning heart! But don't expect to win...........because I am going to be the big winner!!! LOL

Thanks to everyone for your well wishes concerning my most recent biopsy. Just after Barker and I returned from our early morning walk, the phone rang and it was the Dr's office. Amy, the nurse, sounded bright and chipper, and then delivered the fantastic news that all is well! YIPPEE!!! I'm rejoicing in my good fortune!

I am taking an Art Quilt Exploration class with Jane LaFazio, over at Joggles. I adore Jane and her beautiful work. She is such an inspiration for me, so I hope that some of her ideology and techniques will rub off on me over the next few weeks! It's been several days since I've had a chunk of time to devote to real fabric play, and I was getting antsy about getting behind in our assignments. Before I could begin this week's landscape quilt, I had to do some serious cleaning of my work table:

Can you believe that I can let things get so darned messy??? I can always find 30 minutes or so to explore more bead making techniques a la Sherrill Kahn, and that seems to be where the total lack of organization is coming from! I just love, love, love making the beads and painting the paper!!!

I really wish I had taken a picture after I had the entire surface clear of debris, but I was so excited over the prospect of actually getting started on my landscape quilt that I forgot...and then there were piles of fabric everywhere!

Here was one of my auditioned layers of fabric:

Jane told me to bump the yellow/orange that I was putting second down to the bottom, so I did that, and then left it for a while. When I returned, I started cutting and playing around a little bit more. Here is how it is looking now:

I still think it needs a little something before I begin sewing all of the layers together. What do you think? Is there too much 'sameness' in the middle of the quilt?



Elizabeth said...

I was so thinking of taking that very same class- not that I really have the time but I wanted to!! So glad that you are taking it- so you need to be sure that you SHARE EVERY DETAIL!!

do think that the middle is too much of the same. Is there some bits of blue in the floral that would help bring the blue of the sky down into the middle of the quilt. htis is a trick that I have been working on in watercolor class.
Can't wiat to see more!!

Jeannie said...

Oh I love Jane's work! I think you are going to have fun in a lot of ways. I like the colors you are working with, but agree that the middle needs some help. What about a thin line of a darker color for some shading? Or something with more surface design? Just some ideas. Keep playing and having fun. Cheers.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I'm so glad on your behalf that the spot was a "safe" one.


Eva said...

I did a little colour correction because it seemed to have too much orange evening light. Then the composition looks quite pink! I send it to you by mail.
Glad about the good news you got!!

Joyce said...

So glad your news was good!
A messy studio is a creative one. You can't make something beautiful and stay tidy at the same time. At least I can't.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad to hear you biopsy came back fine. Your creation looks like a setting (rising?) sun hitting sand dunes with dark blue water in the background. I like it! But then I'm no expert. Have fun in your class!

Michele said...

I'm so jealous--I had to physically restrain myself from signing up since I'm already taking 3 online classes. Excellent news about the biopsy!

Barbara said...

So happy to hear the good news from the doctor! Thank heavens. Love the look of your beads and would be interested in hearing more about the process.

Take care Judy!