Thursday, February 19, 2009

Studio Works

I had started this ComplexiTee last Fall and then got busy with other things and it just hung around out in the studio. I was doing some other things today, and decided to use Marga's wonderful Thermofax screen to discharge the tee a little bit. Then I thought it might be kind of fun to add a bit of my cityscape screen. So here's how it's looking:

Watch for more updates on this tee, because I'm going to really doctor it up!

Speaking of Marga's lovely Thermofax screen (which is on loan from it's Mama way down in warm and sunny Florida: thanks Marga!), the main reason I had borrowed it was to make a companion piece for my round robin fabric. I purchased more of the rayon twill, dyed it in some of the dyes that were used in the round robin, and then discharged it and also printed with Marga's screen.

I am liking what is happening here. As with the ComplexiTee, stay tuned, as there will be more to see of this fabric!

We saw "The Reader" the other night........highly recommend it! Kate Winslet certainly ought to win the Best Actress Oscar.



Jeannie said...

Marga's screen and your cityscape really combine into a wonderful piece of work. I love the tee and look forward to seeing what else you do to it. Have a fantastic weekend. Cheers.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

I love your "City Tee". Nice colors and fun design.

Kram Eva

Eva said...

That's gorgeous! The shirt reminds me of Mexico City: Modern metropole built over ancient culture. I love the pattern! Is there a way to print transfers with an old laser printer?

Rayna said...

Good grief, Judy - another interesting shirt. Can you send some of that energy in this direction?

Karoda said...

Where did all these posts come from?! I could have sworn I checked your blog yesterday and read about the grapefruit!