Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Ruby Red

This week's lesson in Jane LaFazio's Art Quilts Exploration class over at Joggles covers Geometric Felt Quilts. One of Jane's examples was of pomegranates, and that got me to thinking about our great annual love affair with Texas' Ruby Red grapefruits.

sorry that these guys appear to be falling off of my countertop: I did turn the photo, but blogger refused to cooperate!

(C and I spent about a week birding in the Rio Grande Valley several winters ago, and went wild when we first tasted those Ruby Reds. Now we just wait patiently for the first ones to appear in the market. We are now on our second case of the season....we buy them at the Dekalb Farmers Market. MMMMMMMM!)

So, here is my cute little felt quilt:

I really enjoyed working with the wool felt....my needle just slipped through it like butter. I dragged out all of my old embroidery floss and my basket of beeds.....it was great fun and totally different from anything I'd ever done before. Thanks Jane!!



Joyce said...

How cute! I have never worked with felt. Is that next??? You have tempted me with this one.

Elizabeth said...

Oh this is fabulous!! Wool felt is a handstitchers dream isn't it!! Love love what you have done here!! I do so wish that we had a year round farmers market! What a treat! My mouth is watering!!

Plain Jane said...

lovely!! soo glad you're enjoying the class!

Jeannie said...

Ruby Red is great! I love working with wool. It feels so nice on the hands and is a dream to sew.

PaMdora said...

I like the three-dimension look you get with the felt.

Karoda said...

I signed up for a wool felt class here locally and was unable to attend but did receive a small packet of felt...I have no clue where I placed it. Your grapefruits look whimsical!

disa said...
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