Thursday, April 16, 2009

The News from This End

This blog post has two segments to it..........aren't you the lucky ones!!! LOL

Karoda: 1, Judy:: 0

My friend Karoda commented on my last post about Amazing Grace 2 that she thought I could lop off a part of the right side and it would look so much better. (At least that is how I interpreted her comment!). I replied to her privately that the little quilt was done, finished, put to bed, and I was not about to entertain thoughts of unsewing the facing, cutting it down, and resewing it! Welll......................................:

This is how she looks now:

I couldn't stop thinking about what Karoda said, and I also kept thinking about how this is supposed to be a learning process, so I ripped out the right side facing , cut off a couple of inches, and resewed it. NOW, I am realizing that in a perfect world, I would cut off part of the bottom and reface it as well. HOWEVER, that said, time is of the essence, and I have to deliver the little wall hanging tomorrow! So, thanks to everyone for your patience in reading these Amazing Grace posts, for offering so many wonderful and helpful comments, and being so very kind!!!

I've been SCLONCKED!!

C is always using the term 'scloncked' and so the other day (after being married for how many years??) I asked him where it came from as I'd never heard anyone else say that (have you????). He said that his mother used to say it. OK, if either of my sisters-in-law, Carol or Molly, are reading this, I hope that you will comment if you ever heard Margaret say 'scloncked'.
Anyway, I really feel as though I have been scloncked!!
I will make a very long story short: I have SHINGLES!!!
Yep: SCLONCKED!!!! I started feeling a bit odd on Tuesday afternoon, and by Wednesday morning, I just knew that I had Shingles. I made an appointment with my internist immediately and he said he didn't think it was Shingles and he wanted me to have some dental x-rays taken as he thought I might have an abcessed tooth. Well, my mouth was so sore that the thought of putting those cardboard x-ray thingies in there was almost too much for me to bare/bear. This morning 'matters' with the Shingles were worse than yesterday, so I called the Dr back and said you must see me today, as I need the Shingles drugs. He told me I must see the dentist first! Well, ok, I guess I'll play: no x-rays, no drugs! The dentist was very gentle in my very sore mouth............but he agreed that I definitely had Shingles. So, back I went to the Dr........voila: Shingle Drugs! The darned things appear to be emanating from my left ear, and the pain is excruciating at times, but I know in my heart of hearts that all of this will be history by tomorrow!! :-)



Terry said...

Yes, I agree with Karoda that getting that steeple just a bit off dead center really helps the composition. Now---(and to quote Gerrie, you asked) is there any way to move the word Grace and the words beneath it to the left just a bit. They are uncomfortably close to that edge now. If not, live with it. It is lovely and you have learned some things about composition!

Terry said...

Oh yes, about the shingles--yowwww. I sure hope the drugs help. That sounds purely miserable.

Gerrie said...

Aye yi yi! I hope I never get them. Don't they have a vaccine for them, now? Karoda was right on and that was what I was trying to say a few posts ago - things were too centered! Go for the off center wonky look! It is more interesting and artistic.

Anonymous said...

I remember the word scloncked (or sklonked) or whatever in Margaret's vocab. However, Chris says he doesn't. but don't believe it. He's watching TV and not very responsive.
Shingles. Shi#! I have been waiting for medicare to cover the vaccine as if my last dollar depended on it. Maybe I should spring for it now. And I have getting a full body scan for skin cancer on my list of to-do's now, too. You two are really leading the pack in stimulating preventive health care issues.
Good luck with the misery ahead.
Marcia is visiting us and just learned that her granddaughter is down with chickenpox. My first comment was, "now she can get shingles too." Ever the optimist.

connie said...

I like your hanging much better with the side cut off. Funny how simple things work sometimes.

Take Good Care of yourself. I hope the drugs help. Sending Good thoughts.

Eva said...

Nasty shingles! Get well soon! --
I found an explanation for the word you were looking for, where you can find each and everything:
But be careful, this dictionary has no moral limits.

Joyce said...

There is no end to fiddling with the composition of a piece that doesn't quite suit you I guess. I do like it better a bit off center.
I hope the Shingles clear up asap.

Mary Ann Littlejohn said...

A couple of times I've had trouble with a design and thought maybe I should cut it in a certain way. I photo'd it and printed out a couple of letter size copies that I could cut on first. Then I had the courage to cut into the actual piece of work.

Elizabeth said...

Great Post and I love Mary Ann Littlejohns advice!! What a great idea!!!!Now how are you feeling? Are the drugs kicking in? sdid the Dr give you anything for pain? I assume that you DO Not ahve an abcessed tooth, right??
I hope taht you are able to enjoy the beautiful day, that Craig is taking very good care of you and that you are having fun with your copper sheeting!!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Poor, poor you!
I hope you are feeling much better today.


Rayna said...

Oh, good grief, Judy - I hope the drugs do their work very quickly. Totally awful!

Never heard the word skonked or sclonked or whatever it is. Must be a regional thing.

Feel better soon!

Jinny said...

Hi, Judy. I'm so sorry to hear about the shingles. I hope you're feeling better very soon.

TextileTraveler said...

Yikes! So sorry to hear about your shingles. I understand it's terribly painful. Hope you feel better soon.

Karoda said...

Boy did this make me sit up I am trolling the blog ring hoping to get drowsy so I can get to sleep and I'm reading this post and my eyes bugged out! So close to a deadline too! You brave woman! If not for the pain I betcha would have attempted to do the bottom too!

I'm hoping you are feeling some relief by now!!!

Plain Jane said...

oooohhhh, i am so sorry about your shingles! how are you feeling now??