Thursday, April 23, 2009


a word of explanation before we get started: I apologize if I've been negligent in reading and commenting on your blog! I am reorganizing my life: no computer time until after dinner (and sometimes dinner is LATE!). I am enjoying my mornings by being more creative and not feeling chained to the internet. Thanks for understanding!

Grace on Tenth:

Remember the cute little piece of copper that C found for me on 10th St in Atlanta a couple of weekends ago? Here is what I've done with it:

It was a lot of fun! I printed the Grace verdigris steeple and the 1st and last verses of Amazing Grace on a scrap piece of hand dyed silk charmeuse, then I quilted it using copper metallic thread. Some copper foil was added, after which I bound the edges with the blanket stitch, using metallic thread and an assortment of glass beads. I've added a few more beads on the surface. It's firmly attached to the copper using some hand-dyed perle cotton and a few more beads.

More Grace?:

I am grappling with another form of Grace this evening! Our daughter and son-in-law's home was broken into for a second time today. It's been almost two years since the first break in. I was initially extremely upset when K called to tell me, and then of course I grew angry, but now I am trying to think of ways in which this type of craziness can be stopped. While I find it very sad that our kids are working so hard to achieve and have what they have, I also find it extemely sad that others don't have what ours do, and have to resort to breaking down doors and windows in order to have these things which they crave. Wouldn't it be a wonderful world if all of us could receive equal educations, that all were inspired and loved like ours, so that we all would want to achieve and not thieve. Like I said, I'm grappling. I'm thankful that nobody got hurt and nothing irreplaceable was taken. I hate the inconvenience it has caused our kids, but I am so thankful that they are OK. Things are just that: things.



Jeannie said...

Oh Judy, I am so sorry for the kids. I was in that situation years ago and although you can replace the "things", you still feel violated. Please give them a hug when you see them for me. The copper Amazing Grace is wonderful! So creative and beautiful - way to go! Hope you're feeling better. Cheers.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Please give them both a big hug from all of their relatives here in Sweden.
It’s so sad that people not are able to see the difference between my things and their things.
I read in the news paper this morning that someone had broken into a paint shop just about 500 meters from here Wednesday evening.
It went icy shivers along my back, and the hair on my arms was standing right up. My first thought was: “Wow, what will I do if they are breaking in here”? The answer to that is that I really don’t know.(?!)
How is a person constituted when he/she can do things like that to other people? They can’t have any scruples at all.

BIG Hugs!!!

Eva said...

The copper triangle is beautiful! -- Sorry for your kids, because beyond the material loss, the feeling of living safely is undermined in a traumatic way, and this is the most unpleasant side of it! Hope they will overcome this shock soon.

Joyce said...

I love what you've done with the copper.
We were on holiday once and our rental apartment broken into at night. I thought it was a cat and got up to find an intruder. Thankfully, he ran out through the balcony window and left the camera that he had been reaching for. We left soon after that. You don't feel safe any more. I hope your kids can find some sort of alarm that will make them safer. It's stressful to feel insecure in your own home.

Amanda said...

Love the copper piece. What did you make holes in the copper with ?
So sorry about your daughter. where does she live ?

Beverly said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter. Even though it is only 'things' that are taken, it still leaves a feeling of being violated. It is a scary, sad world we are living in.

I love what you have done with the copper. The combination of hard and soft surfaces, the colors- it all sings together beautifully.

Elizabeth said...

The copper Grace is totally brilliant!!!!
Hope taht the police are looking into the cleaning connection- if there is one! I hate being robbed! it happened to me in Boston when I was single had room mates and I lost alot of stuff. I was so scared could not sleep for weeks.... Who cares about the stuff - the situation for all involved is the hard part!!!! Prayers are with all of you!!
Big Hugs!

Rayna said...

Uh, sorry, Judy - the have-nots have no excuse to break into someone's house. This is pure criminal behavior and please excuse this very BLUE social liberal if she doesn't buy the "poor underpriveleged kid" story. There are plenty of poor people who would not dream of doing such a thing! And education is what you make of it - so let's not go there, either. My heart goes out to your daughter and SIL who have been violated twice Happily, yes, they are ok and it's just STUFF. But that doesn't make it a good thing. GRRRRRRR.

Carol said...

So sorry to hear about your kids' break-in. Such an invasion of their space - I hope they are coping okay. I love your copper Grace, so beautiful. And I appreciate that you are trying to spend less time at the computer but you'll be missed. Love, Carol xx

Corryna Janssen said...

Judy I am so sad about the break in your daughter and son-in-law's house. It is one of the fears I have. I think one will not feel as safe in their own house as before. It is not about the things, as you wrote. Things are things. I think it is about feeling safe and comfortable in your own house. And it is a bad thing if someone violates that.

I love the copper piece you made. It is all about details. It is done so neat and looks great.


Plain Jane said...

the copper piece is gorgeous and sooo very creative! well done.
SO sorry about the kids break-in. AYK!