Saturday, June 20, 2009

The Date: A Retrospective

Yesterday started out most innocently with a morning Barker walk in Midtown and an invitation to breakfast at the new NooN on the ground floor of 1010Midtown. Since we would have Barker with us, and there is no outside seating offered, we decided in advance to get takeout and sit in the lovely gardens of the Federal Reserve Building, which is about a half block away. It was warm, but there is always a marvelous breeze blowing down Peachtree....and our warm baguettes of proscuitto, parmesan and butter accompanied by iced coffee were to die for! YUMMMM

After a very light lunch, we walked up to the High to see the new and of course stunning Monet exhibit, plus the accompanying and complimentary Richard Misrach digital photography show. The other current exhibit at the High is Evolution: Five Decades of Printmaking by David C. Driskell.

I was in heaven!!! I could have spent ALL afternoon there, just admiring Mr. Driskell's work and also attempting to figure out his layering process for each piece! You can hear Driskell describe a couple of his woodblock prints here. I tried in vain to find a pic of his "Jonah in the Whale" 1967 which was one of my all-time faves, but it was nowhere to be found on the net. Maybe you can find it....if so, please leave a comment and let us all know! In the meantime, I'll share these pics with you:

Temptation in the Garden, 1999

The Herbalist, 1999

The Jester, 1999

I dawdled just as long as I could, soaking up every last little bit of Driskell's marvelous prints, and then we hurried back to the condo, taking Barker for a quick walk, and then meeting up with our friends Dee and Bill, to take in Every Little Step at Midtown Arts. What a great documentary!!! C and I had seen A Chorus Line in Miami Beach during its original run. Was it at the Theater of the Performing Arts? We can't remember! Anyway, I do recall how captivated I was by the story, the Marvin Hamlisch tunes, and the dancing. Wow: could they kick! Dee and Bill have not seen A Chorus Line, but they were as enthralled as we were by the movie. So, it comes highly recommended!!!

Then we headed to Apres Diem for a glass of wine, and on to Nam for a sumptuous dinner. We began with the seafood net spring rolls and the traditional Vietnamese spring rolls, and then Dee and I ordered the Flounder special, while Bill had the short ribs, and C ordered the Shaking Tuna. We all came away very happy! We enjoyed spending time with our 'condo friends' as we don't often have the opportunity to get together, and we all obviously enjoy one another's company.

So yesterday was a fun, fun day! I have spent several hours this afternoon dyeing in the studio. It is very hot and humid: great batching weather, and I am taking advantage of the gifts of Mother Nature! I hope to have a few pics to show in the next day or two!




Carol said...

What a great day of culture and food! I love the Driscoll woodcuts, such wonderful combination of design and colours. I'll check him out on the web. By the way, I clicked onto this post via my Facebook page - what miracles the www can perform for us. If I ever blog again (oh gosh, of course I will) you'll have to tell me how to link the two. XX

Carol said...

Sorry, can't spell - or at least my memory doesn't last long enough for me to read and then comment. Driskell is what I meant of course. OX

connie said...

What a great day. I felt like I was there with your descriptions. thanks for sharing. I am anxiously awaiting your new projects.

Karoda said...

What a great artist date! ATL is gearing up for the National Black Arts Festival uh? We were there for a few days 2 summers ago for the first time. It was hard to return to Louisville after the few days immersed in art...Louisville just felt so dang bereft!

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful day you had- museums, food and great company!! I am jealous fo your proximity to such venues!!!

Can't wait to see the results from the studio!! I have batched up Rusted Dye Packs- you can see them on my blog- I am quite pleased with them!!
Let me know what you think!!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

What a wonderful day =)