Friday, June 19, 2009

Desert Blooms and More

Remember this cute little succulent that I bought a few months ago? It was just a little something to keep my aloe and orchid company on the condo patio.

Well, look at it now!

I love things that thrive on neglect, don't you?

Here are some first results from my deconstructed screen printing escapades here at home.

For those of you who were in Kansas City for the SD Conference, if you thought it was humid there, think again! I have had to personalize our print paste recipe, omitting all urea and increasing the alginate. It's still not perfect, but I'm getting there! So, I suspect I will have much more vivid screen prints once the recipe is suitable for this very humid climate!

Below is a portion of a tank top that I have been tinkering with for about a year now!

I had been playing around with reds and pinks (definitely not me!) and then discharging with added turquoise dye. It just didn't send me, so I hung it on the rack in the studio, where it frustrated me every time I glanced over at it! LOL So the other day I decided to fix it once and for all............I dumped it into the soda soak and then into a combo of greens that I had mixed up for an order a few months back. It now goes beautifully both with my hair AND my turquoise linen slacks! WooHoo!!! I'd like to say that I planned it that way, but aren't those happy accidents fun!

Enjoy your weekend!!!



connie said...

I love your fabrics! I agree with you happy accidents are so fun. I have been a bit too uptight to have any happy accidents lately. You make me realize it is time to relax and let it happen. :-)

Eva said...

I love the twigs. And the colours are interesting! Yet I think some darker overprint might act character...

Carol said...

What a nice result from your 'accident'. XO to Barker

Rayna said...

Glad you're getting some happy accidents - the surprise factor is such fun, isn't it? Seems as though you can't get enough deconstructed screen printing and I don't blame you.
Hope you are feeling back to yourself by now!