Sunday, August 16, 2009

Morning Walk at Squam

It's a glorious day here on Squam! We played "Mexican Train" (dominoes) until bedtime last night, and laughed until we cried. Family fun without the all-intrusive TV. Yes, we have wifi, but both Dave and I were able to set aside our laptops and actually socialize! C and I fell off to sleep, serenaded by calling loons and the lake lapping against the rocky shoreline: pure bliss. And this year I can actually smell the pines!

We awoke early, with the sun rising over Red Hill, so there was nothing better than a quick dip in Squam and a hike up Rattlesnake. I snapped pics along the way, just so that you can see what a paradise this place is. Here is the old laundry, now housing the history center:

the ice house, still in operation, with its wheelbarrows waiting patiently for their morning blocks of ice (harvested from the lake in Winter and delivered to each cabin every morning during Summer):

sunflowers along the trail
a rather shy Daddy Longlegs..........but I was patient and waited for him to come out from his hiding place:
the view from Rattlesnake's rocky face:
there are a few charming Squamy ways that keep me coming back year after year, and I just suppose that this patched screen on our porch is one of them!



Jinny Carpenter said...

Hi, Judy. I thought I'd check out your blog and perhaps enjoy a bit of Squam Lake vicariously. I wasn't disappointed! Thanks for sharing and for the great pics. Enjoy your time there.

Carol said...

Judy, it really does look idyllic. Now I need to look up your daddy long legs on Google. xx