Wednesday, September 23, 2009

One x One x Six

Out came the sun and dried up all the rain! YAYY!!! I've never been so excited to see blue sky and sun before in my life!!!

In my quest to finish projects that I've started over the past year, I realized the other day that one huge gob of a project was taking up entirely too much space on my cutting table (which has gradually become a storage surface and can no longer be used for cutting). So I began quilting this piece of fabric which I had painted last Winter/Spring when I was exploring the Amazing Grace series. I hadn't done too much machine quilting lately, so the change from clothing construction was refreshing. I also hadn't made any flange type pillows in a few years, so that was an adventure!

After inserting the pillow into it's

space, I serged a rolled hem around the flange edge, using a Superior Threads variegated rayon (same thread I used for quilting). I like the effect, but the serging was a challenge! I had to stand in front of the serger, grasping the pillow partially under my left arm and rather clenched in my left hand, while guiding with my right hand and pressing the presser foot with my right foot. My left foot was busy keep the rest of my body steady so that I didn't topple over! It must have been quite a site, but Barker, bless his little heart, remained silent, stiffling a chuckle!

So there you have it: I've finished yet another of my projects! I think I must be manic at times, dreaming up all of these things to make and then after I get the fabrics dyed or painted, I seem to lose interest. Is anyone else like that? I cannot seem to stick to one project at a time! I'm quite the same way with knitting: if I don't have 2-3 projects going in my knitting bag, I'm not happy! Please tell me I'm not alone in this....or if I am, what is your solution?



Elizabeth said...

Oh GOOD GRACIOUS WOMAN!!! You are Certainly NOT ALONE!! IT is a wonderful sign of a terrifically creative and gifted muti tasking GEMINI!!!!!!!

Great use for that Amazing Grace piece!!!

The big dry cracks in my soil are getting bigger and bigger- still no rain!!! SIGH!!!!

Gerrie said...

At least you are finishing your projects!! I have a pile of wips. Want some? So glad you are having sun and blue skies.

Jeannie said...

When you get through with Gerrie's wip, I have a stack that will keep you busy! What would company think if there weren't piles of fabric scattered around the house? Enjoy the sunshine! Are your new windows in? Cheers.

Eva said...

What an idea to finish one piece after another. Getting bored is a serious danger to art. You will always see a lack of inspiration if an artist forces himself to finish a piece. We can never tell from the start whether it will remain an experiment or will be finished. And that's part of the fun, isn't it?