Wednesday, November 04, 2009

My View

We've had a busy last few days: me getting settled back home after my wonderful Shibori class at the Barn with Jan Myers-Newbury, and both of us moving my Mom from her skilled care home to a wonderful assisted living facility. Moves are stressful for anyone, but they are incredibly difficult for the elderly. My Mom is 92 and a real trooper. It was past time for her to 'graduate' out of her skilled care home, but none of us wanted to think about it. Then one day C and I stopped by this wonderful, small home (only 45 residents) just to check things out. We fell in love with it, and after taking Mom there for a visit, reserved the only room that they had coming available, as there is normally a waiting list. Mom is a happy camper! She can't wipe the grin off of her face.........and you know how happy that makes me!

So, this morning I was finally settling back into my 'routine', so to speak and took time to snap a few pictures of our view. This is what I see as I'm eating breakfast:

I love the steam rising off of the lake this time of year. The ducks are returning, and our grebe is back! I do love it here!!!

Our friends who built this house and lived in it for almost ten years before we bought it, planted some amazing trees shortly after construction was completed. There are several enormous river birches that shade the house during the summer, and soften the contemporary exterior, and then there are three magnificent Japanese maples. They are just about at their peak of color. Here is one:

While I was outside snapping pictures, my little (well, not so little!) buddy was inside, quite miffed that he hadn't been invited on the photo shoot:

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connie said...

I love your view. I too feel very blessed with my view. There is something about being able to see water. Enjoy!!!

Jeannie said...

I am so happy for you that the move is over and your Mom is so happy. What a gorgeous view you have and the trees are beautiful. Do I sense some Autumn hued shibori in the future? Have a great rest of the week.

Eva said...

What a paradise! Yes, water is an ever changing view, different every day. I had that when I was around 20, and I loved it! Now I have small lakes in reach, just have to walk 5 minutes. That's great!

Joyce said...

There's nothing like a view of nature to start your day. I have the same thing. I watch the sunrise most mornings and it makes it worthwhile to get up early.

Elizabeth said...

You ceratinly ahve a glorious spot!! So glad to hear that your Mom is so happy in her new digs- now all of you can relax for a bit!!! I am sure that your head is bursting with ideas for new projects and plans for upcoming adventure!!
i am thinking about planting a Japanese maple just so I can have a source for leave prints- sunprinting and other art projects!! i love those trees!!!
I am sure that Barker is happy that Mom is home!!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear things are working out so well for your mom! Your blog photos are great. Keep up the good work.
xxoo to all,
Carol (SIL)

Diana Parkes said...

Can relate to your Mum and her circumstances Judy. Similar to my Mother. She thoroughly enjoyed her final few years in her caring environment.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Beautiful pictures!!


Rayna said...

Lucky you!