Monday, December 28, 2009


I'm feeling a bit more relaxed with Christmas and Boxing Day behind me, so I thought I'd share a few pics that I took recently, intending to show them to you at the time.

This one really tickles me

I took it from my iPhone, and I'm afraid that it may not enlarge, but I hope you can read the sign posted on this wonderful old dumpster. I wonder if this was Dempsey's first.

Here is my most recent toe-up sock, knit with the soy silk yarn that Diane sent me for my birthday last year. Thank you again Dear Diane!

I love this yarn! It is so soft on the hands (great for knitting in the winter when our fingertips tend to get so dry, eh?) and as you can see the colorway is constantly changing. The yarn is called Tofutsies and it is 50% Superwash Wool, 25% Soysilk Fibers, 22.5% Cotton and 2.5% Chitin. The wrapper tells me that "Chitin is fiber from shrimp and crab shells. It's naturally antibacterial!" You can read more about it here. You may recall that I was unable to knit any socks last year due to my cataracts, but now that I'm healed, life is indeed good!

My Snowdrops are outdoing themselves this winter!
In the past, this little clump has produced only one or two blossoms, but this season we are blessed with seven flowers! I think it's the fish emulsion that my friend Michael told me to fertilize with last summer. I can't wait to see how the rest of my flowers respond in the Spring!

OK, and now the moment you've been waiting for. What was that image that I posted last week?

It was tractor tire tracks on the cart path at the golf course. Pretty ethereal huh? Here's another of the pics I took at the same time.

Thanks to those of you who commented. Sorry that we didn't have a winner.

I've finally started working on another Shibori wallhanging that I started in November. Here's where I am so far in placing my pieces. What do you think?

It's all pinned on my wall, so things can easily be moved around. I cut the strips yesterday and I spent about an hour this afternoon placing them.



Jeannie said...

To quote C, "Oh my, Oh wow!". Since he usually says, "uh huh, nice", I think you have a winner.;-) The sock yarn is beautiful. Have a nice relaxing week. Cheers

Carol said...

Oh, of course - tractor tyres! Now I wonder why we didn't get that? Too devious for your gentle readers, obviously. It really is a quite beautiful pattern, isn't it? I can see why you'd take the photo - I would have too. Your sock yarn is very pretty and it's so good you can knit again. And of course your shibori is wonderful and anyway you pin it I think it will look good. XXOO

Gerrie said...

The photo does not enlarge!! Boo hoo.
The shibori looks great. Does it ever look bad?

Eva said...

Lovely shibori and socks!
Still curious for the words on the photo...

Diana said...

Cannot read dumpster sign--maybe old eyes... Just love the colors in the shibori piece. So far, it looks great as pictured. Isn't it great when you can reproduce some fabulous stuff all by yourself at home?