Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Today has been one of those near-perfect days! You know the ones: they catch you by surprise, you don't plan on them, and then you savor them in your memory bank for years to come. Well, this was one of those. Barker and I enjoyed a 28 F walk on the golf course this morning, and while walking I tried to map out my day, as it was totally mine, with no need to leave the house! After breakfast I enjoyed catching up with some of my cyber buds on their blogs, snapped a few pics of some of my favorite gifts, and then got busy with the mental to-do list I had made while walking.

This is one of a pair of coasters given to me by my sister-in-law Molly. It is carved from wood and, I believe is a replica of a Hawaiian quilt block. Molly's daughter, our lovely niece Alice, lives in Hawaii, and we often talk about the wonderful Hawaiian quilts.

My friend Robin has termed me a fiber dumpster!!! LOL And yes, I suppose that that term is applicable! My friends know that they need to consult me before casting off any fiber that they think might remotely be of value or interest to me or my cyber fiber friends. So Robin gifted me with this wonderful old quilt that he told me he got in Kentucky (or was it Tennessee, Robin? I'm always getting those two states mixed up!). I just love it!!

Right now it is gracing my desk chair, but I'm thinking that it would make a lovely jacket or skirt. What do you think? I'm also asking for patterns here, so don't be shy!! Share your thoughts!! I can't help but think of the loving hands that pieced this. Some of the fabrics are feed sacks, the others: shirts? I don't know, but it is truly wonderful and I adore it!

I carved out this turtle motif on some plastic, and have since used it to make wax resists in silk. I'll keep you posted on how it turns out.

I spent several blissful hours in the dye studio this afternoon, preparing fabric for some new Shibori pieces. Oh Yeah!!! I can totally loose myself in that space, and it is magical, trust me!! Speaking of Shibori, I have started to quilt my class piece from the week I spent at the Barn with Jan Myers Newbury. Here is a small part:

OK, number 1: I can't believe I actually got into a class with the fabulous Jan; and number 2: I can't believe I spent a week at the Barn. How awesome are both of those????? Life has indeed been very, very good to me!

Well, my lord and master tells me that it is time to go eat dinner, so I'm outta here!



Terry said...

Oh please don't cut that lovely old quilt up, unless it has bad areas that are beyond repair! Are you tryin' to give me a heart attack??! It looks wonderful and will only get more valuable if cared for and NOT CUT UP! Fold it over the back of a chair, or a bench. Use it to cover a table, hang it on a wall. Put it on a guest bed or folded across the foot of a bed. Pleeeeeeeze---

Carol said...

Have to say I agree with Terry about the quilt - it really is lovely. But your call of course and you can see its condition and we can't. Your shibori - what can I say? Of course the bits you are showing are MY colours so it just makes my heart beat faster. And guess what? I've just written a blog post (after a gap of many weeks) and I think it may interest you. How wonderful you are appreciating your life so much. That's what makes you such a lovely person, you make the best of everything. XX

Eva said...

Would it be possible to mend the worn-out patches with matching fabric and give it a new binding? I agree with Terry.
Turtles are a wonderful pattern, aren't they? I once made a drawing in a museum of a Japanese turtle ornament, will have to post that. I'm looking out for more.

Rayna said...

No, no, NO! Do not cut that quilt. I have one of a similar vintage where I replaced the torn fabric and it is my favorite old quilt. I want to be buried with it.

Glad you had such a good 2009 - wishing you an even better year ahead.

Anonymous said...

A 28 F walk. Are you referring to the temperature? Today it's going to hit 70 here in Monterrey. Tomorrow we're going to NYC where Margaret reports that it's 16. Happy New Year!
xxoo to all
sil Carol

reaton said...

Cut the quilt! I've seen the quilt and I agree that the best use would be for a garment or accessory. Besides, Judy, its only fitting, as everything you touch becomes something even more beautiful.


Mary said...

So many of these old quilts were made to be used. And they used until they were used up - literally. Many quilts made by members of my family have disappeared because once they reached a stage where they were falling apart, they became bed pads, filling for other quilts and finally rags. Sad, but true.
I think you should look at this quilt very carefully. If in it's current state you see it as raw material for a jacket - then use it.
I know that sounds like heresy to the collectors, but i feel that some old quilts that are beyond fixing should be reincarnated in a different form. That is how the makers would have used them.
If, on the other hand, when you look at the quilt you see that it could be repaired and displayed - and that is what you want to do.

Gerrie said...

I missed this post some how! It does not look like something that I would turn into a garment. I would be more inclined to repair it or just display as suggested - over a chair. It is quite charming.