Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Yikes Yikes Yikes!!! When I showed the picture of the lovely vintage quilt that Robin had given to me and rather matter-of-factly mentioned that I planned to turn it into a garment, I never in my wildest dreams imagined that I would receive such a response! I'm thrilled that you all care so much and are not timid about voicing your opinions!!! That said, I will take into consideration your pleas, but I must tell you that with all due respect, the quilt for the most part is not in the greatest of shape. I know that I would enjoy wearing it, but I will give it further thought.....and I will tell you what I decide to do with it!

I spent a glorious afternoon finishing some pole-wrapped Shibori pieces in the dye studio, but they are not ready for viewing just yet. It was cold enough that the precipitation we had today was in the form of freezing rain and sleet, making my commute from the house to the studio in the back forty rather an adventure! Fortunately there wasn't enough precip to cause any problems. Hopefully that will be the case tomorrow as well!

More quilting on my Jan Myers-Newbury class piece:

I love the quilt and I love the peaceful machine quilting process. Wish I had more time to just sit and finish it!

Here is a piece of silk charmeuse that I wax resisted with the cut plastic I showed you yesterday and then dyed.
Best wishes for a peaceful, safe, happy, and healthy New Year!!!



Gerrie said...

Can't wait to see the class piece finished.

Carol said...

Aren't we a bossy lot! The quilt is yours, you can see it best, and as someone said, whatever you do with it, it will be just beautiful. Now I can't remember what I was going to comment on but I'm sure it was something gorgeous that you're making. Probably that quilted shibori that is so yummy. If it doesn't rain we'll take the kids to see the fireworks tonight. Happy New Year to you & C & Barker and to all your faithful (and bossy) readers. I know you wouldn't have us any other way. xxx

Joyce said...

I love the turtles. So cute. I guess you know what is best for the quilt and for you. Some things look better online than they do in person so maybe wearing parts of it is the best way to extend its life.

Jane LaFazio said...

Judy! can't imagine why the emails are bouncing.
anyway, Riverside is about 1.5 hours drive (or less) from Escondido and I would love to have you in my wet-felting workshop!