Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year to You ALL! Here in the southland of the USA it is quite chilly.....but it is January after all!

We've been in the city (the view of the midnight fireworks from our condo is fantastic, and the restaurants are so much fun!) and enjoyed a wonderful New Years Eve with our friends.

I was so relieved to find the 'out of use' dumpster still in place when we walked Barker last evening! Here's the sign I told you about

and here it is again, with the lovely view through the other side

We had a typical Southern New Years Day lunch at Mary Macs Tea Room today:

collard greens and cornbread in the 6:00 position, Hoppin' John at 9:00, and then one lonely fried green tomato slice (its partner had already been inhaled by C) at 12:00, and a serving of squash casserole at 3:00. YUMMMMMM I enjoyed chicken and good!!!

Then we headed over to the Dekalb Farmers Market to do some heavy duty shopping. I had checked out some of Rayna's recipes and made a little list of things that I might be challenged to find in Gainesville. Here are just a few of the dried mushroom selection offered

and then I got to the section with the Miso paste and tofu

what a dilemna! I almost called Rayna for advice as the selection was so wide.

As you enter the farmers market there is a large sign saying 'no photography', but I had my iPhone out, constantly checking my shopping list, so I thought that a few photos wouldn't hurt. It is such a phenomenal place! Then I thought I might be pushing my luck, so I took this one last pic of the lovely pineapple display

If you live nearby and have never gone, you need to make the trip. It's a phenomenal place and you can find almost anything your little heart could possibly desire!




Beverly said...

Happy New Year, Judy- may the dye gods shine on both of us!

Carol said...

Your new year celebrations sounded like great fun. I'm going to loo at Rayna's recipes too. xx

Karoda said...

happy new year to you...and the market looks like a place i'd enjoy hanging out in...

Lora Martin said...

Happy New Year, Judy! Here's to a year filled with joy and creativity.

linda stokes said...

Happy New Year Judy - hope you have lots of time for creativity!
Your shibori pieces look wonderful - lovely stitching too.
Thanks for visiting my blog.

Rayna said...

No photos? Is this a farmer's market or a gallery??

I use the white miso (which is actually yellow) and I like firm tofu, but it actually doesn't matter. The miso might not matter either, but I'm not sure about that. Enjoy! I'm almost tempted to make some miso soup tonight as a late night snack as I do my therapy sewing. Happy New Year!!