Sunday, January 03, 2010

Baby It's COLD!

It's very cold (for Northeast Georgia), so we do what we must outside (aka taking Barker for his long walk) and then settle into indoor activities. It was a mere 19 on the golf course this morning when we walked. I was so glad that there was no wind sweeping off the lake and down those long fairways!

My Peppermint Twist sock is coming along nicely! I turned the heel the other night, and am now working up the leg. The pattern is fun, with twists and cables, so I'm not bored and must keep my wits about me! I will alter the pattern a bit when I knit the companion sock, just so that the pattern shows up a bit more.

Our Mahonia are beginning to bud this a sign that someday it will actually be warm again? I had to take this picture, because it represents hope to me!

Yesterday morning I snapped this frozen fountain picture in our condo was a balmy 25 then, and I was whining....had I only known what this morning would bring!

We enjoyed a lovely lunch at my favorite Doc Chey's yesterday:

mine included Thai Coconut soup and two Vietnamese Basil Rolls with dipping sauce, and of course a pot of tea.

Today I made Miso Soup, after being so inspired by Rayna's recipe.

It was so perfect for a cold winter lunch! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM!

What am I reading?
Gerrie sent me her daughter Steph's new book, "3191: Evenings" (at left) for Christmas, and C gave me "Why I Wake Early" by Mary Oliver, my favorite poet. As a frequent sufferer of insomnia, we both thought the book title was rather appropriate. I highly recommend both books. Steph and her coauthor MAV share a gift for photographing the everpresent and causing you to take pause and truly appreciate it as lovely and quite fantastic.

And just so you know who is really in control in our household, I will leave you with this one last photograph



Jeannie said...

Barker, I feel the same way about winter! The socks look so cheery and good on your toes. Have a great week.

Elizabeth said...

Talk about leading parallel lives!!! I just posted a shot of all four of our pups (i include human pups in that as well) all cozy on the sofa, we are FREEZING Up here and the WIND is blowing at about 25-30 mph and I am knitting my first ever pair of socks!!!! I don't need to take on the insomnia at the moment thank you very much- I seem to be in an ok sleep pattern right now!! Kids back to school tomorrow and I am starting my first on line class with Dj Pettitt!!
Hope you get the warmth back soon!!

Carol said...

Like Elizabeth, I'm starting the DJ Pettitt class tomorrow too, very exciting! Oh, I love the photo of Barker, he looks so settled in for a long winter's nap. I'm sorry you're suffering the cold - we are complaining about the humidity and incessant rain. Not too bad here but such floods around the state, and then still terrible bush fires on the other side of the country. Your socks are gorgeous, you're very clever with all that turning and complicated patterns. XXOO

Eva said...

Our winter is colder than in the past, too -- the lowest temp was 3° F! When I was a child, this was not unusual. We took walks on our local lake more than once. Then, there were the warm seventies, not a single snowflake in one winter, I don't remember when. So we're rather going back to "normal".

Joyce said...

We are in the middle of a deep freeze here with wind chills of -41 (the same in both C and F) so 19 sounds balmy. Lol. I wish we had your restaurants nearby. If I want something interesting to eat, I have to make it myself. Good thing I like cooking. Your socks look like just the thing for this weather.