Friday, April 09, 2010


Our pollen count has been astronomical this Spring! Here's one of the culprits: Oak!

I'm normally cooped up inside this time of year, suffering with horrible headaches, attacks of vertigo, and nagging coughing, sneezing and a runny nose. This year I feel like I've been delivered from the other side back to 'normal' and it is wonderful! My sinus surgery was obviously a success, and I am able to be outside, enjoying the fresh, pollen-filled atmosphere and gardening up a storm! WooHoo!!!!

Barker and I had just completed our Golf Course walk when the heavens opened and the rain began yesterday morning. It was lovely!

Here's the view from my perch in my sewing room:

I did manage a trip out to my studio, to do a bit of steaming, and I snapped this picture of my Vinca, adorned with rain droplets and pollen

Today is a brand new day, and as you can see, it is glorious! I've spent several hours pruning, pulling weeds, and just plain tidying things up. I love our Golden Euonymus in early Spring - the color is so vibrant! Our Japanese Maples seem to have popped overnight, and the Dogwoods have loved the cooling rain.

I turned around and snapped this picture in the opposite direction, of course my chaperone was along for the garden walk!

Do you love Ajuga? I think it's great....and perhaps it's because of my childhood memories of what seemed like endless days in the garden with my Nana.

Ajuga pops up everwhere in my garden and I just don't have the heart to pull it up! Here it is in amidst my Asters and Peonies! Sheesh!!

I'm working away on the wallhanging for Molly, my sister-in-law.........actually, now there are three wallhangings! I think I've about cracked the code on this one! Here's just a bit of it.



Eva said...

How delightful, all this growth! I wish I could sit in one of those garden chairs in the background!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Bless you!
Lovely pictures of your growing garden. I can see that you have leaves on your trees, so we are way behind here in your Nana's home country.

Kram Eva

Elizabeth said...

Well Bless you! and BLESS your Sinus Surgeon!!!! I am so very glad that youa re able to enjoy the outdoors!!! I was so glad to get the rain last night (90 degrees in April was just Way too much for me to deal with!!!!
My Primroses were about to leave home!! We ahve had to shut up the house and turn on the AC because of Tom's allergies- poor guy can't breathe!!!! I hate not having a breeze blow thru the house so the change has been wonderful!!! planning on gardening all weekend- with my back brace on!!!
Happy Hugs!

Jeannie said...

I am so happy that your surgery provided relief. I often tease C that if something happened to me, you wouldn't be able to see the house through all the over growth. I love ajuga and also a lime green dead nettle (lamium?). Have a fun filled weekend.

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear your sinus problems are a thing of the past! What a relief.
xxoo Carol (SIL)