Sunday, April 11, 2010

Good Morning Garden!

This is
the view

I spent yesterday morning in the garden.....where else??? It was a brisk 39 when I went out, but warmed to 59 by the time I had totally exhausted myself.

my first dwarf crested iris of the season
they have really multiplied and are fending off the ajuga and vinca for their own spot in the sun

new additions this year: some colorful Iceland Poppies
I love their bright and cheery blossoms and their dried seed pods
I hope these babies will feel at home and multiply all over the place!

and (drum roll please):

The Project:

I have decided it is time to reclaim this area, which has become overgrown with mondo grass. If I remove a little bit every morning, I should have it done in about 10 years! LOL No, actually, just a week or so, I think. It's hard work, but will become a lovely area for perhaps day lillies? I haven't decided yet, but I think I have time to ponder it!

Good Day to You!



imquilternity said...

Looks like a gorgeous day there! You have a beautiful garden. Isn't it fun digging in it? I used to be able to spend 8-9 hours in the garden and not think of thing of it. Now, I'm lucky if I make it to 2 hours - but it's still fun! You'll have to show us that spot when it's all planted.

Jeannie said...

I love the lime green, fushia,and pop of white in the first photo and the crested iris is such a pretty blue. My back feels for you!LOL! Enjoy the sunshine

Eva said...

How I yearn for spring! It is so cold! We took a little walk and fled back into the flat. Close to freezing temps! What a treat to see these lovely flowers.

Elizabeth said...

You do ahve a bit of a project there don't you!!! take it easy- makes my back hurt just looking at it!!!! But then I am the one with the back problems!!! A great source for fabulous fragrant and reblooming daylilies of all colors is Oakes Daylilies- mailorder! That is where I ahve gotten all of mine- cheap too!!! Happy digging!