Monday, September 27, 2010

Black isn't always Black

Members of one of the internet 'lists' that I belong to have been discussing different black dyes and how they react (or do not react) on various fabrics.  I learned long ago that it is extremely difficult to get a good black on silk, but the topic at hand made me want to play around a little bit more this afternoon.

I have several silk scarves that I have been intending to overdye, and of course black is a good choice for such an endeavor.  This one had previously been pole-wrapped and I decided to use the same technique once again.  I like the results.  I used double strength of Pro Chem's 'Silk Black' (#610).  Here are a few more shots of that scarf:

In the same bath, I also pole-wrapped and overdyed a green/yellow/blue number that had previously been dyed with acid dyes, alcohol and some salt.  I think you will agree that the results are rather interesting.

I took these photos with my iPhone, so the quality isn't as good as it could have been had I used a better camera and more light (we are in the midst of yet another thunderstorm right now!).  The black in the last two pics is actually deeper than it appears here.



Carol said...

I thought the black and orange was great and then I moved down to the wonderful watery green piece. Love those subtle changes and swirls. I don't know how you can bear to be out of your studio, you produce such beautiful and interesting fabrics. XXO

Laura said...

Would it be possible for you to show some pics on how you wrap your fabric on the pole before dyeing? I've tried and tried to get those types of lines flowing through the fabric but haven't quite been able to achieve those results--and I want mine to look as great as yours do!

Elizabeth said...

These are just glorious Judy!!!!The wonderful complexity taht you are exploring is achieving fabuslous results!! Did you see Gerries discharged crows???? Wonderful!!
Send that rain on up here Pronto, PLEASE!!!!!

Barbara said...

Love these pieces Judy. For me they have a great abstract animal print feel. I must say that I think the green is my favorite.


ArtGirl said...

what interesting lines and colors!