Thursday, September 30, 2010


This is' Red Heron'.  I finished her yesterday, and she is singing to me, although I've never before heard a heron sing.  (They normally squawk!)  I used Silk Voile from Exotic/Thai Silks and pole wrapped the first three layers in Procion MX dyes.  This was followed by many light layers of textile paint, to achieve the effect and feel that I had in my head.  She measures 34" x 52".  I'm enjoying working large these days!

Here's a detail shot:

I was pleasantly surprised by the results of another black dye experiment!  I tried a mechanical resist using triangularly cut pieces of plexiglass clamped into fan-folded white cotton canvas.  I submerged the piece into Dharma's Better Black, and left it overnight.  Here's the result:

I can't wait to add more to this, although it's pretty darned cool just the wait it is!  Here's a detail shot:

You can see the faint triangle remaining in the very center (it's on its side with the base toward the right side of the picture).  Obviously the fuchsia struck first.  Some areas also show a bit of orange and others show a brilliant yellow orange.  Wonder how it will discharge?

It's cool and rainy here today.  I'm planning to bundle up and head out to the studio to get some serious work done!  Hope you have a colorful day!

As always, comments are most appreciated!



Gerrie said...

My favorite thing is the leafy bit in the heron piece - love the way it has movement.

Karen said...

I love the heron piece and I agree with Gerrie, the leaves are great.

Jeannie said...

Ok, I need more coffee! I thought the leaves were feathers. LOL! Whatever they are, I like them. Are you going to discharge the black? I really like the pattern from the triangles and the different color strikes. Have fun in the studio!

Joyce said...

I love the black piece. I wouldn't be able to touch it. Or cut it. Lol.

Carol said...

"Red Heron" is beautiful. The black piece is fascinating, great effect. I agree with Joyce, I'd want to leave it as it is, too, but I know that whatever you do to it, it will get better and better. XXOO

linda stokes said...

Love your Red Heron & the black dye looks great too.

Barbara said...

The Red Heron is lovely Judy. Are you inspired by Asian art? When I look at the Red Heron it reminds me of the Asian prints my Mum used to enjoy.

As for your black experiment! Wow. I love the close up. I can't wait to see what you do with this piece.


Russ Little said...

Those are some really lovely pieces Judy. I too have had some rather strange results using prepared mixes of black dye. I got this really disappointing salmon color using Pro Chem Silk Black on habotai a couple years ago and switched to mixing my own black. Time, temperature, salt, and most of all, dye concentration really have a huge impact on the resulting depth of shade. The blue component of the dye strikes last and really needs time and temp to do its job. Up to this point I've used soda ash on silk but I recently bought a bag of citric acid when I learned that MX dyes can be set with acid and heat on silk just like any other acid dye--and the color is supposed to run truer with acid on silk. I can't wait to try it and do some side-by-side comparison of low pH versus high pH fixing.

Kathleen McKenna Murphy said...

Wow! Your Red Heron piece is lovely, well balanced in both color and movement.
The black and white piece has so much natural light, great results.

Margarita Korioth said...

The red heron piece is gorgeous!