Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Fall Birding in the Smoky Mountains

We have spent a couple of wonderful days watching birds in the Smoky Mountains of the very western tip of North Carolina.  Yesterday our group made several stops along the beautiful Cherohala Skyway.  I was blown away by the spectacular fog lifting out of the valley.  The leaves have just barely begun to change color, but the sky is that fabulous October blue.

Simon Thompson, our guide, is an awesome birder, and we always jump at the opportunity to spend time with him.

I go along as much for the scenery and camaraderie as for the birding.  I love nature: its wonderful colors, shapes, and surroundings.  We enjoyed the very best of weather!

When we came upon this wasp's nest, I was so pleased that I had been desensitized to their sting several years ago!

This is the Devil's Walking Stick.  I had never seen it in its full Fall regalia before, and didn't know what it was!  The berries are quite amazing and must provide some yummy meals for the migrating birds.

A gorgeous butterfly taking a rest on a walkway at Joyce Kilmer Forest.

It was a great getaway, we had a wonderful time, but now I'm home, refreshed, and ready to get back to work!



Diana Parkes said...

Wonderful views and photos Judy.

Eva said...

Thanks a lot, it's such a treat:
a mountain walk in my comfy seat!

The pictures are lovely, and that butterfly is a sensation.

Beverly said...

Beautiful- that's one part of the country I hope to see one day. Thanks for sharing. BTW, I got the yarn last night- now to find the needles!

Carol said...

Lovely photos, Judy, would love to see these paces. Now, back into the studio, please! xx