Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Feelin' Blue

I've met many incredible internet/blogger friends since I began writing my blog a few years ago.  Jeannie is one who never ceases to delight and surprise me.  Like so many of you, she always leaves such great comments, and she sends the most wonderful little (and sometimes not so little) packages!  She celebrated a birthday recently so I sent her a little bundle, and then much to my surprise, a bundle from Jeannie arrived in my mailbox a couple of weeks later!  At first I scolded her for overdoing it and sending a thank you gift for a gift.  Sometimes I just feel so inadequate in the gifting department.  But, now that I've gotten over the scolding stage, I'm kicking back and admiring these beautiful pieces of indigo dyed fabric and floss PLUS the incredible wren that she printed, embroidered, beaded, and quilted for me!  So, thanks Jeannie for being such a fabulous friend!  Everyone should be so lucky to have a Jeannie!

Here's a snippet of what I've been working one over the past couple of weeks

I think this may be the last of my heron series.  I had thought I'd simply call it "Blue Herons", but then I realized they were doing a dance, and like so many in the BP oil disaster, they were doing their last it's "Last Tango".  I have cropped out a large portion of this piece (and it's a bit out of focus), but when I've added the remaining touches, I'll show you the whole thing.



Gerrie said...

That is a wonderful piece. That Jeannie is a wonder. I wish I had know it was her birdy!!

Carol said...

Jeannie's gift is really generous and lovely, but you deserve it because you're such a good friend to everyone. Your herons are beautiful and "Last Tango" is a very apt title, though the circumstances are so tragic.X0

Jeannie said...

I am honored to count you as a friend. I have enjoyed my birthday package so much. Thank you again. Your herons are gorgeous. Wishing you a sunny day in the studio.

Teodo said... no Amazing, Meraviglioso.
ciao ciao

Elizabeth said...

Jeanie's piecesa re wonderful !!! I am so in love witht he indigo color - I think taht it is part of my genetic heritage- danish ans swedish and ROyal Copenhagen Blue Plates that wer focal points of my families decor, growing up! I think that I might try the jaquard Indigo kit!! Your herons are stunning!! Can't wait to see the whole thing!!
Your baby sweater is adorable!!! It will be perfect for your Grand baby!!! Due date si fast approaching, No???? Such fun for all of you!!!!
Big Hugs!

Eva said...

You can't go wrong with blue, I think. The herons are lovely. The darker ones give so much depth -- as if they were the shadows of the light ones.
All these large birds -- cranes, herons, storks -- are seen as a symbol of longevity in Asia.