Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Dye Gods were NOT kind!

Well, let me rephrase that: The Dye Gods didn't do as I had instructed them to do!  I knew exactly what I wanted, and having played around with this stuff for some time now, I thought I could and would pretty much predict my results.  But NO!  It's ok though, because I love the results, and I'm learning from them.  There are, in my humble estimation, two variables which I had overlooked.  I am working with them, and hopefully will learn something in the next few studio days.

This is a rather lovely piece, but not at all as I had envisioned it would look today after batching, rinsing and ironing.  I will remind you here, that I am working solely on silk crepe de chine, so it's quite a bit touchier than cotton or rayon.  I love it, and love the curves that it throws me, and also the fantastic results.  If you look really carefully in the above piece, you may see a very, very faint image of a diamond on the left side, and then if you really think about it, you may see that diamond repeated across the piece.  I had used a potato dextrin resist to add that diamond image.

The above selection is a scarf which I have since overdyed, and hopefully will have results to show you tomorrow.  

Below is another piece of silk crepe de chine.....once again: not what I had anticipated, but lovely nonetheless.

Once again, I used the diamond image on this piece, but I cannot see it one bit....can you?

If you thought that chartreuse was my favorite color, you are almost correct: it's complement, red violet, runs a very, very close second.....but then there's red, yellow, orange, etc.  I love 'em all!  Anyway, this next piece is so not what I had expected!

Kind of lovely thought, isn't it?  It's just a segment of crepe de chine that I was playing with......this was its third layer of dye, and it is presently in the dye bath, hopefully graciously accepting one more layer of dye!  We shall see!

Hope the Dye Gods were kind to you today!



Connie Rose said...

They're all beautiful, Judy, and silk to boot!

Vicki W said...

The dye Gods are very good at keeping us humble!

Judy said...

Thanks Connie!
and yes Vicki, you are so correct: I practice a good bit of humility every day in the studio!


Jeannie said...

Regardless of what you had intended, beautiful pieces of silk resulted. I think an altar is needed in the studio. I have some real dye dogs you can sacrifice.

Gerrie said...

I would love to take that chartreuse and the red violet and make something - oh, yum.

Eva said...

Moon in Scorpio. Waning. In the sign of the decay of Venus...

Carol said...

Very, very gorgeous, Judy. Keep at it, the results seem to be stunning no matter what. xo

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Just when we think we are in control, we learn otherwise! I gave up on trying to predict what happens with resists long ago. So many variables - even the humidity level can affect the results!