Thursday, March 31, 2011


This is the piece that is currently occupying my design wall and my time.  I hope to complete it today, and if I do, I promise I'll share an updated picture with you.

Remember when I dug up and moved my Peace rose last year?  I think I blogged about it.  Well, it didn't bloom once last summer, and I was a bit discouraged because I had moved it out of the shade and into the sun.  Elizabeth suggested that I stop fertilizing it so often, so I did: still no blooms.  It did, however have some gorgeous canes and looked mighty healthy (lots of fertilizer perhaps?).  Here it is now:

and look at this:

yup: one big, fat bud!  YAYYY for our team!

and one last picture of the little guy who spent his first night with MiMi and 
G-Daddy Tuesday night:

yes: we were having fun!!!



Gerrie said...

That photo of you and Charlie brightened my dreary morning. I really need another grandchild!!

Congrats on getting that Peace rose to bloom. Maybe it is an omen.

Jeannie said...

Usually I gush about the fabric, but when you post a photo of fabric and Charlie? Charlie is adorable (you are pretty good looking too, Mimi), but Charlie steals the show on this post. I love how he knows where the camera is, future GQ model? Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

What a GREAT photo of you and Charlie! Is he always smiling? Where did his parents go? Did you have him all night with you? What fun. I like your work and your plants, too. You must be getting ready for San Antonio...

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Aaaa what a lovely picture of you and Charlie. He seems to be a very happy and satisfied guy. Love the picture!


Carol said...

Oh, gorgeous. Charlie and MiMi - both looking absolutely happy with each other. Does Barker sneak a look at Charlie or is he a bit miffed? Go the rose - hope it's really lush this year. oxo