Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Focused on Fusing

I spent a rather blissful day fusing!
It was cold (for Georgia) today -
with temps hovering in the mid 30s this afternoon.
So, it was fine with me to enjoy the sunshine from inside the house.

I finished the stumpwork embroidery on the above piece yesterday
and fused it today.
It still needs a bit more 'work'.

I thought that while I was in the mood
I'd fuse this piece as well.

Here it is post fusing.
I played with this piece a year ago
and have decided it is time to finish it.

sometimes I refer to it as 'eyeball',
while at other times I call it 'galaxies',
and still other times I think of it as 'retina: detached'
I will be fiddling with it a bit more in the next few weeks.

The boys spent the day at the groomers
(or shall we say barbers?).
It's difficult to get them sitting side-by-side and still!
Bosco is generally going a mile-a-minute!

It was an exhausting day for both of them -
they are now sacked out in the den!



Gerrie said...

I am dying to see that top piece in toto!! Looks quite awesome. The boys are so adorable.

Lisa Kerpoe said...

Isn't it a great feeling to pull out and finish one of those pieces from the back of the closet?! Both pieces look great.

Jeannie said...

As Gerrie said, I look forward to seeing more of the top piece. The lower one reminds me of the background to the Scream painting. Were you screaming? ;) Have a beautiful day!