Sunday, January 29, 2012

Worn Out!

Charlie and his folks arrived 
on Friday afternoon,
as planned.
I snapped this picture just before
we headed out to the dairy.
There is a little brook that runs between our yard
and that of our neighbors.
Years ago, our former neighbors had a bridge constructed
so that we could easily visit one another 
through our backyards.
Charlie loves that little bridge!!

The dairy was a rather huge disappointment, visually,
for the adults......
fortunately Charlie didn't understand that we were hoping to see
tons of cows in the pastures surrounding the little dairy store!!!
There were TWO cows and they were so far away
that I doubt Charlie saw them.
He loved the big pieces of gravel in the driveway!

We spent a few minutes hamming it up
in front of the dairy shop.

Our drive home was westward into the sun.
Charlie and I both hate the late afternoon sun in our eyes.

I took out my iPhone and turned the camera 
so that Charlie could see his face on the screen.

He began to figure out that he was seeing himself,
as in a mirror,
and began to react:

"See my new molars, MiMi???"

.......and then he stole my glasses!!!!

Needless to say I did not work on fiber this weekend!
I cooked on Thursday,
cleaned on Friday morning,
entertained on Saturday,
and loved on my grandson
as often as I could!!



Gerrie said...

What a personality he is becoming and he looks like such the little man. My Mark was like that. Such fun times.

Jeannie said...

As Gerrie said, he is moving from adorable baby to adorable little man. Love the photo of him in your glasses. Fiber will always be available, but time with Charlie at this age will never happen again. :-)

Carol said...

Yes, Jeannie is right. This is such a precious time to spend with your precious boy. Not a baby anymore. Lovely set of photos. Eddie hates to have his photo taken but then loves to look at them on the camera. Contrary of course but you can do that when you're two.

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Lovely pictures of a lovely little fellow!
Well, you really have to come and visit Skåne. Here we have a whole bunch of cows ;-) :) =)