Thursday, January 26, 2012

Still Orbiting in Focus

I've spent the past three days doing color studies.
That said, none of the above particularly appeals to me -
sooooooo, I'm back to the very beginning.....
flour paste resist, dyeing, over dyeing, etc.
I love it all, so not to worry!
The above is just a trial segment torn from the large cloth
that will eventually become something,
but not now.

I bought a 50# bag of sand yesterday
(sand is heavy, so 50# does not a huge bag make!)
and I tried my hand at applying it to a wet textile painted area.
You can see it above in the small orb, top center
here's a detail shot of it

I was amazed at how the sand distorted the color of the blue green.

In eager anticipation that I will obtain the color ground cloth 
that I have pictured in my head,
I've been tea-dyeing some fibers
just in case I may want to do some more embroidery

The skein of yarn at the bottom is a wonderful blend
that Jeannie sent me (dyed, but here it is virgin) a few years ago.
She was kind enough to dredge back in her memory bank
and recall the name so that I could purchase some.
It has a fabulous texture and takes dye beautifully
(it is part rayon). 

Charlie arrives tomorrow afternoon - along with his parents.
We are planning a trip to a dairy farm
(where we purchase our lowfat pasteurized but not homogenized milk).
I don't think he's ever seen a real cow, so this will be a first!
I'm eager to spend time with him.
I can't wait to take him to the farm!!!
I hope to post some pictures tomorrow evening after he goes to bed.

Our cousins arrive on Saturday for an early afternoon lunch/dinner.
I'm really looking forward to this, and have spent the better half of today
I think I'm the only vegetarian in the bunch,
but you can bet that the menu is full of veggie delights:
there's a mac and cheese that is butternut squash-based,
and a "Peas Be my Valentine" side that includes 
curry powder and mustard seeds!
If any of the menu items are a hit,
be assured that I will pass them along to you!

If by chance I get too busy and don't blog,
let me be the first to wish you a happy weekend!!



Jeannie said...

Are you trying to add texture other than stitch? Have you thought of using one of Golden's pastes?
I do love the orbs. I keep thinking of a coloring book C gave me and what fun it would be to color in the squares.
I wish I could fly out and go to the farm with you! I could even show that I can still milk a cow. lol! Have a wonderful time and I look forward to the photos. I am so excited for Charlie!

Eva Hagbjärn said...

Hope you will have a nice time with Charlie and his parents. Please say hello from me.
If you all lived closer we could have visited my sisters farm. They have a milking robot and about 70 cows =)