Monday, January 23, 2012

This & That

I spent the afternoon couching gold threads on silk crepe de chine.
It was cold and rainy outside, so
very nice to be indoors embroidering.

We had a short but very sweet trip 
to our condo this past weekend.
Our friends were in town and we all enjoyed 
a terrific dinner at 
Three of us ordered the
Grilled Caesar Salad
while two of us ordered the
Salt & Pepper Prawns.
It was a really fun evening!

The boys are getting along fairly well.
Sometimes it sounds like Saturday Night at the Fights!
Actually, I think they are playing, which is good for Barker.
Ever try to photograph a black dog on a black couch?
I didn't realize just how photogenic Barker was until Bosco joined us.

Bosco seems to be happy no matter where he is.
I snapped this picture of him as he slept in the backseat of my car
while we were driving home from Atlanta.
Can you tell that he has his snout in the hand hold?

We've had a lot of rain over the past couple of weeks,
so the boys have had shorter than normal walks.
Tomorrow should be clear and they will get a good 
session on the golf course!

Guess who just had his 3rd haircut???

Hard to believe he's almost 14 months old!
We will see him this weekend....
and we cannot wait!!



Gerrie said...

Speaking of salt and pepper!! Looks like you are having fun working on your cosmic circles.

Jeannie said...

Your circles are gorgeous. I love the embroidery you are adding. B&B look so cute on the chair and the one of Bosco in the car is hilarious. And then we have Sir Charles, how adorable is he! His smile just lights up the computer screen. I went and looked at the menu-yum! I haven't seen roasted marrow since my Gram used to make it.

Carol said...

Charlie is gorgeous (what a smile) and the other boys are so handsome I feel real Poodle envy. And your embroidery is really beautiful. Lovely post.