Monday, January 09, 2012


I've begun completing the second piece in my series!
Piece number one was happily delivered to the photographer this morning!
The above gorgeous threads were dyed by my friend Jeannie
and gifted to me a while back.
Coincidentally, they are an exact match to the new piece that I'm finishing!

So, that was quite the find in my stash, wouldn't you say?
I love happy accidents!

Here I'm trying to match the paint chip in the bottom of the photo.
Ohhhhh, so close aren't they?

I've been playing with my watercolors again.
Sometimes I just can't get enough of color.
As you can see, I don't really paint -
I just play!

The rain stopped long enough for me to slog out to my studio
and do some screening.

and then some dyeing

I apologize for the blurr - obviously I did not take this photo!

and I'm trying to decide if this piece will also incorporate embroidery

I began the day with a trip to the Dr's clinic at 7:45 AM
 to have blood drawn 
for my upcoming physical.
Then I ate a bit of breakfast on the road while running errands:
bank, post office, library.
I am taking a history of color class at Brenau University.
My all-time favorite professor is teaching it,
so I'm really thrilled.  
The class begins at 9:00 AM -
it's tough to get me out by that early hour!
Next I met with the photographer,
which was lots of fun - honestly!
Then I went to the gym -
which is never lots of fun - honestly!

Our new clothes dryer was delivered this morning.
I do believe that this is the very first NEW dryer I've ever owned!
It is lovely - honestly, again!
My laundry time has been cut in half AND
because it has the Wrinkle Guard option,
I can work in the studio while my clothes dry.
Welcome to 2012 Judy!!!



Ginny Huber said...

Love seeing and hearing about your process in art and life!

Gerrie said...

So, did Barker take the photo? Hee! You have had a happy, busy day!

Jeannie said...

LOL! Gerrie is so funny! So, you actually paint/dye in a white top? Damn, you are good! Wonderful photos of you.

Skirting Boards said...

Good job,When you really love what you are doing you will come up with a good project.Just continue to do what you love with passion for more creative works.