Saturday, September 01, 2012

The Rest of the Story

So, in my last post,
I showed you a lot of family photos.
Admittedly (and I'm not biased in the least, mind you!),
Charlie looked pretty cute....
but here are a few of the rest of the photos that I snapped that day. case you don't figure it out on your own,
I do love rusty stuff!

there was a really neat model train club exhibition
at the end of this platform...
but I almost didn't make it there,
because I found this rail car so interesting!

oh, what I would give for one of those old spikes!

As always, thanks for dropping by!



Jeannie said...

I will send you a spike! I have many! LOL! Did you try to pop any of the metal off into your pocket? My fingers would have been twitching. I always wanted a caboose. There was one always parked across from my Great Gram's and I loved going inside. Have a fun weekend!

Terrie said...

Rust is the history of process. It got the marks which are inspiring patters. Loving it too.

Julierose said...

I agree--where can you find Rusted nails, spikes etc? We spend our lives trying not to have things rust out--now when you want them--they are nowhere to be found!! Julierose