Friday, March 29, 2013

More Easter Eggs

Jane LaFazio posted about 
Reductive Printing
on her blog the other day.

I wanted to try it,
but felt like I just didn't have time.

This morning I decided I'd carve an Easter Egg stamp
for our grandson Charlie,
as I thought stamping would give him 
something fun to do while he is here for Easter.

Then it dawned on me that I could try out 
Reductive Printing 
while carving the egg....
not a huge deal,
but it would add an element of fun -
for me, anyway!

So here is my first 'egg' carving:

I was using just a small eraser for my stamp.
As you can see,
I carved the little dots and lines into the eraser
as my second carving.

I really like how even this simple egg
became a bit more complex
with the reductive method.

I was trying to find some 
pastel inks
for my egg,
but most of what I have is
red, green, gold, black, etc.
Then I came across these:

I think I purchased them
in 1997!

I had deemed these 'special' 
- too special to use -
as I used to think of so many of my purchases.
HA!!: not anymore!
As you can see,
the surface of the pad is beginning to disintegrate
with pressure from the stamp,
but that just adds a bit more texture, right?

Well, that was so much fun,
I thought I'd grab some Moo Carve
(you can purchase this at Random Arts)
and make a larger reductive stamp
that Charlie and I can use on cloth napkins.
So, here we go,
layer one, simply the egg-shape,
using my disintegrating stamp pad:

layer two:

the stamp pad was getting even too sloppy for me,
so I found a turquoise pad
(not bad for Easter, right?).
As you can see, I've added the spirals
(oh, and also shadows of me snapping the pic!).

And the final layer:

My stamp is in the center,
and I think I've included the two last layers of the printing.
The final layer is the pinkish ink,
which looks pretty awesome on top of the 
second layer of turquoise
(center on the left piece of paper, 
middle left on the right piece of paper).
If this was a perfect world,
and trust me, it's not,
I'd have had three color gradients which would have 
played together beautifully!

Charlie and I will use textile paints,
and it will be a beautiful world -
I hope!

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Jeannie said...

Oh! What fun! I thought you and Charlie were going to make the paper mache Easter Rabbits that Jane's kids did. :) What's a little mess? LOL! Have a wonderful weekend!

Jane LaFazio said...

totally cute! and what fabulous napkins they will become. hey, tell us how you make your napkins. size? hemmed? xoxo

Carol said...

These are great, Judy, and I love the colours. Charlie is very lucky to have such a wonderful Mimi. oxo