Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Dinner at our House

A while back
I posted photos of some new table napkins
I had made, and told you how much I enjoy that process.
I thought I'd show you a few more that I have made 
over the years.

The ones on the top (above) are perhaps my most favorite of all.
They were dyed, overdyed, discharged, and stamped
over a period of about a week.
The hems on those were rolled on my serger.
I also made a table runner to go with these.
The reddish orange ones 
were done with print paste resist and screening.
I think I blogged about those at the time.
Their hems are also rolled
(if you roll them with 100% cotton thread before 
you begin adding color, they take the dyes beautifully).
They also have a coordinating table runner.
The last in that series of three were dyed and overdyed
with soy wax resist for the squiggly lines.
I had forgotten I had these,
and need to use them more often!

Top to bottom of the trilogy below:
more of my favorite from the first series,
but you can see a bit of the stamping.
The middle ones are another set of my favorites,
done with various citrus and artichoke stamps,
using textile paints.
I love these too.
The last ones are another favorite -
gosh, it sounds like they are all favorites!
I love the discharged feather image.
There is also a discharged crane,
but I didn't show up in the photos.
They also have a table runner -
my favorite of all, with lots of feathers 
and cranes.

I mentioned that I also like to make
coordinating table runners,
and here is one that is on my dining room
table as I write:

As you can see,
its hem is simply serged
and randomly quilted.

It's always fun to invite friends over for dinner
and have them look at the table 'linens'
and say appreciatively, "These are yours, aren't they!".

So there you have it:
dinner at my house!

thanks for joining me



Connie said...

Your napkins and table runners are wonderful. It is easy to see all the love that you put into them. The one thing that I'm thinking is, please don't stain them with spaghetti sauce :) Maybe you use red and brown shades when eating BBQ and saucy stuff :)
Steve and I are celebrating our 37th wedding anniversary today, and we are having a $25 gift card give-a-way, please come join in :)
Have a lovely week.
Your blogging sister, Connie :)

Jeannie said...

It would be very difficult for me to choose which napkin to use as they are all gorgeous! Have a wonderful week.

Jane LaFazio said...

when I saw the subject line in my email box, I thought, Oh! judy is inviting us to dinner at her house! well, I guess you meant vicariously..
napkins look great and so fun! I'm particularly taken with the veggie printed one! love the matching runners! So, is there a difference between zigzagging the edges and using your serger? thanks Judy!

Carol said...

I can't tell you how much I want to have dinner at your house, Judy! Your napkins and table runners are really lovely, and I can see why they are all favourites. So clever and so beautifully artistic! oxo