Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Workshop Images from Wednesday

a detail shot
from today's discharging
- black rayon -
taken from the piece on the left, below:

a few other images from today's 'work':

violet linen with leaf print discharged

'Pro Chem Nickel' discharged with leaf print

Dharma rayon cowl dyed with Pro Chem's 'chocolate' and discharged 

silk crepe de chine discharged with image resisted
It's been another fun-filled day at Arrowmont,
and I'm pooped!

thanks so much for stopping by!

Peace to you!


Maggi said...

What great results.

Connie Rose said...

Love what you're doing in Elin's class! Fortunately for me, I've done quite a bit of discharging, so I don't feel I have to follow in your tracks this time around! xoxo

Karen said...

I love what the nickel did, I'm going to have to try that.

Jeannie said...

Fabulous results! I am in love of the nickel. I see an order to Dharma in my future. A nickel, some chocolate, and of course, violets to add to the garden of color. So glad to see you having fun. :)

Carol said...

Just wonderful! Inspirational! So pleased you had such a great time.