Saturday, August 17, 2013

Saturday's Yarns

 First off,
a HUGE thank you for all of the supportive comments
I received yesterday.
Somehow, it doesn't seem so scary
when facing the journey with 
so much support.

As they say,
'idle hands are the devil's playground'
so, I'm keeping busy.
I mainly knit at night,
except on Wednesday afternoons
when my knitting group meets.
Oh, and I occasionally knit a few rows 
while enjoying my coffee.

Here's my vanilla sock:

The afterthought heel placement
has been marked
(on the other side)
and I'm making progress up the leg now.
Isn't that yarn great?

Stones and Stripes is also coming along:

I can mark its progress on my duvet cover
here at the condo,
as it has these great, huge black & grey squares.
This shawl is what I usually knit on
in the morning with my coffee.

This is the new kid on the block:

It will become a scarf for my dear son-in-law....
shhhhh, don't tell!
Yes, I know, the yarn does look
vaguely familiar -
I used the same yarn for our daughter's cowl.
They both graduated from Georgia Tech -
what can I say?

If you go here,
you can see the progress I've made
this past week.
The scarf has a long way to go,
but it is very easy knitting,
so it should work up fast!

thanks for popping in!

thanks for your kind words of encouragement!

peace to you!!


Maggi said...

I really love the sock yarn and you certainly are making progress with the shawl too. Definitely won't give up your new kid on the block secret.

Jeannie said...

Is the shawl as soft and airy in person as it looks in the photo? I just want to pet it. :) I am glad someone is making progress on her sock. Someone else started over - again! I dropped a stitch, but could not for the life of me find it! Since I live in a yellow house with blue trim, I do like the scarf. Happy knitting!

connie said...

Oh, Judy, I just read your last couple of posts. I am sending you my very best and many positive thoughts!!! Your openness is amazing. Know I will be sending you my thoughts and prayers and I know you will get through this! Xoxo. Connie