Sunday, September 01, 2013

A Few Thanks are in Order

Our mailbox was overflowing
last Tuesday afternoon.
We were on our way out with friends to dinner and a ballgame,
a good distraction with my chemo infusion 
staring me in the face on Wednesday morning!

There were three packages for me.
The first was some head coverings from Great Britain
 that Melanie Testa had recommended.
I'll write more about those another time.

Another was from my buddy Connie Rose.
Above you can see the cover of the beautiful
journey journal that she made for me.
I have always been a fan of Connie Rose,
and I especially love her hand-bound books and journals.
So, you know this is a real treasure!
As we drove to dinner, 
my girlfriend Polly and I explored all of the 
pages and pockets.
Every time you look at it there is more and more to see!

This is the inside cover and first page,
bookmark and tag included:

two more of the wonderful pages
with more pockets:

and the last page:

You can read more about my journal
on Connie's blog.
Thank you Connie....
I write in my wonderful new journal
every day!

Another package was from my friend
Sheila Kelley:

Sheila has moved out of town,
and I emailed her about my diagnosis, 
but had not heard from her.
It turned out she was so busy knitting
this prayer shawl for me
that she couldn't stop to write!  LOL

So now I have two gorgeous prayer shawls
to wrap me in love
and keep me warm during my chemo.
This is the one lovingly spun and knit
by my knitting buddy Roberta:

Thank you everyone for your kind
and loving emails and comments.
I can't help but be ok
with all of your love & support!

thanks for dropping by!

peace to you dear reader!


Jeannie said...

Now that is an excellent mail day! Connie's books/journals look so beautiful and full of inspiration. Thanks for showing the inside. It looks like so much fun. Lucky you!!! I do love the prayer shawl and Dr. Sock's shawl would perk up anyone's mood. xoxo

Maggi said...

You so deserve these lovely gifts. I had read about the journal on Connie's blog and guessed it would be for you. Thank you for showing us some of the pages.

Connie Rose said...

What fabulous shawls! The new journal isn't too shabby either! xoxo