Thursday, October 16, 2014

Long Time, No Blog

Too busy to blog: shame on me!
I'm still trying to get back into a rhythm that is comfortable for me.
Art is my escape.
I dream about art - do you?
I mean, I dream about making art - do you?
I usually wake up at about 3:00 AM,
feel restless and cannot go back to sleep (or so I think!)
so I soothe my restless brain with images of future creations.
....and then the processing begins.
By that, I mean: how I will accomplish what I see in my mind's eye.
I hope that makes sense.
Below is what I envisioned/dreamed about several weeks ago

I've spent a couple of weeks refining this process - for me - 
and I'm feeling increasingly more comfortable with my results.
One thing I've learned:
I'm very often turned off when I get negative results,
so I quit trying.
In this, my new (gift) life,  I've learned to keep trying
and refining my process.
I think that most 'good' artists do this all the time.

So here's a rather grainy shot of another new scarf that I finished this week.
It's all about the process, and learning how to make it right!

I spent several hours this afternoon
uploading images of new and glorious scarves to the 
If you think you might be interested,
please check them out.
At $50.00, they are a great value!

I also uploaded to the Art Beyond the Surface website
two images of spun polyester art
that occupied my time while I was 
in the midst of cancer treatment.
I named the series "Holey Holey Holey".
This is the "Holey Trinity".
I apologize if this offend you.

I think I called this next one "A Tiny Holey"

These are made from layers of hand-dyed spun polyester, 
which have been heat-cut,
and then joined by a French knot
in metallic gold.

In the mean time, we took a lovely trip to Southern California.
We have lucky family who live on a very old and splendid golf course,
and we were fortunate enough to take our morning walks there.

We took the train in to Union Station in downtown LA:

Even though the temperature was above 100F, 
we really enjoyed our visit.

Next door to the train station is the
United States Post Office Annex.
It houses many amazing murals,
which are definitely a must see.

We enjoyed our lunch that day
at the ever popular Philippe's.
Their French Dip sandwiches are a must.

I snapped this pic of a Bird of Paradise 
just outside Union Station.

....and then there's always my knitting
maybe this should be another blog post?????
Our little Charlie is so enamored by frogs these days
(when you ask him a question he usually answers "Ribit, Ribit"!)
that I've knit him these mitts for his upcoming birthday

Why three you ask?
Well, first of all, he is bound to lose one, right?
Secondly, even though I measured his hands,
I wasn't quite sure that the smaller size was correct...
until I knit the next larger size!

I also knit Mags this adorable little hat

I love the scalloped edge at the brim!
Both of my grands have large heads,
so I had to adjust the patterns to accomodate!
It worked!

And then there are these mittens!

I've gotten into a mitten knitting frenzy!
I bought this yarn while we were in California,
and I just love it.
It's Malabrigo Rios,
in case you are a knitter and need to know!
It is so soft and warm!
The pattern is Quiver by Bronwyn the Brave.
It's a fun knit...
and the mitts fit me perfectly!

So, I guess that's it for now.
You can see more of my scarf creations on the

Thanks for stopping by!
Peace to you and yours!


Jeannie said...

HI!!! I've missed you and your art. The scarves are gorgeous!!! I love circle motifs and I am amazed at the precision of your dyeing. Wow!!! Charlie's mittens are so cute, as is Mag's hat. Scallops always make things seem extra special. I love Malabrigo yarn. I bought some last year in Seattle and haven't made anything yet. Your mittens look like a good candidate! It's beginning to feel like mitten season here. I could go on and on, so I'll stop. :) xoxo

Carol said...

Lovely to see you back and with such a swag of great photos. Your scarves and wall hangings are wonderful, you are really doing great work. Lovely knitting, your grand cherubs are so lucky. We are all so lucky to have you...

Judy Sall Fiber Art said...

Glad to see you back! Your pix of So. Cal. brought me right back... I lived there most of my life, and worked several years downtown, not too far from Union Station and Philippe's. Your scarves are beautiful, and of course your knit items are fabulous... such talent! Thanks for sharing with us!

Anonymous said...

Love your art as always. I enjoyed your comments about your artistic process as well. I, too, often wake up early and have a busy brain but unfortunately am not so creative at that or any hour! The kids are going to love their latest projects. I love it that you made an extra frog for Charlie! xoxo Jinny Carpenter

Maggi said...

Lovely to see you back blogging, you have certainly been busy. I love the scarves and so glad that you persevered with the technique. Those holey pieces are very effective too, particularly the trinity piece. Knitting 3 mittens sounds like a good idea and I love the cute had for Maggie.

Marjo Stoeckart-van den Bor said...

Nice to see you are happy again making things. I hope you will have a very long new life. I also wake up at night and the best way for me to go asleep again instead of wondering of in thinking is to think of a new textile art thing. a quilt or anything textile. figuring out how to do it makes me fall asleep very well. So this week will be super. Having a stand on the Open European Quilt Championship with 4 friends for 4 days and staying in hotel there will be great fun and good nights dreaming.