Thursday, January 22, 2015

Oh, it's been sooooo long!

I had vowed that I would blog more frequently in 2015,
and I've gotten off to a bad start.
As some of you may know, we had our dear Barker
euthanized on January 5th.
He was 13 years old,
his health went into a downward spiral very rapidly
while we were at the beach,
and he slipped away peacefully in my arms.
Bosco, our 3-year old standard,
misses his big brother a LOT,
(not that we don't!), but we are confident that he will do better in time.

I've been keeping myself occupied (when 'others' have not!)
with a bit of fiber catch-up.
I had started making knitting project bags for members of my knitting group
way back in September.
You may recall that they gifted me with a 
lovely knitted afghan about a year ago when I was sick.
So, I wanted to thank them, and the project bags were the best way I knew how to do so.
I'm using only my hand-dyes,
and it's been fun!
Here I am sewing away on one bag:

(note the cute pin cushion made for me by my cousin Eva)

In listening to the Knitmore Girls Podcast,
Jasmin mentioned that they are using light colored fabric to line their bags -
the better to see the yarn inside!
I hadn't thought about that,
but it does make sense.
So I dusted off my hand-carved 'ball of yarn stamp',

inked up my brayer, 

and away we went, stamping lining fabric!

Here are a few of the finished bags:

I still have a several more to make,
but it's fun.

And I'm knitting, knitting, knitting!
We had a cold snap here a few weeks ago,
so I got this hat done just in time!

I'm also knitting two sweaters.
and the other is 
Both are great fun, and keep me alert!

And one last thing:
I am taking a fantastic Photoshop Elements class
with the Pixeladies!
What a fabulous class and format.
Those girls sure do know how to teach!

I hope you are well
and that your 2015 has started off nicely!
Thanks for stopping by,
and I hope to be back sooner
with some actual surface design work to share!



komodori said...

How nice to read a Judy in the Dyes blog! The yarn bags are beautiful, and how considerate of you to return the love. That's what makes you so a special friend. xox

Merrilee Tieche said...

Love the knit project bags - lovely gift for the knitting girls! The stamp is fabulous - you are such an artiste! Did you start with a photo or just draw the ball o yarn? Miss you, toots, and hope it works out that we can reprise scared threads!

Carol said...

Shed another tear when I saw the photo(and what a beautiful one) of dear Barker. Please give the black boy a hug and tell him I have a place in my heart for a black standard. Love your bags and am especially impressed with your ball of yarn stamp. Is there anything you can't do, my dear Judy? You knitted a cap, I'm sweltering in the heat but next week it will rain and the temp will drop from about 100 to about 70. Bit too much of a good thing but that's the weather these days. xxxooo

Ginny Huber said...

Good to see your pup at the head of this post.. I will think of him as my birthday also was Jan 5th…passages.. I always like to see how many wonderful things you are up to when I see your blog..multifacetedly creative r u.. love especially the yarn stamp which will be lining the gift bags!! xx

Beth said...

More coincidences: We lost our Springer in August at 13.5 and we still have a black standard poodle who is 10.5. I also knit Arans. I LOVE your knitting bags and what a wonderful gift for those who knitted you an afghan. I know how much fun that is to sew projects. Looking forward to more of you this year.

Jeannie said...

Although I never met Barker, I fell for him hard. He was so regal, yet in photos I could see the impish pup. My sympathies seem hollow but are sent with sincerity. The knitting bags are so versitile and I love the knitting ball stamp. Keep doing the things you love!

Maggi said...

Lovely image of Barker. I do like those bags.

I'm in total agreement with you about the Pixeladies class and love your knitting finishes.