Saturday, September 05, 2015

Day 42

In an effort to get Fuchsia and Boysenberry straight in my brain,
I dyed a fat quarter of each this morning.
I'm sure you know which is's pretty obvious to me now!

Here is my block for today

I was happily rolling along, having just joined the last two rows,
 when I realized that I had not sewn the little butterfly head in the top center, 
so I had to rip out three seams in order to insert that....
so what really was a pretty nicely pieced block (for me), is now rather wonky.

Bosco and I had a lovely walk this AM.
Fall truly is in the air.
It was cooler and much less humid, which is a very welcomed change.
I was mesmerized by the wonderful shadows.
He was on the lookout for coyotes,
which we have even spotted here in broad daylight.

After breakfast and putting my fabrics into their dye baths,
I enjoyed a cup of tea and knitting out on our patio.

Bosco was once again on the hunt,
this time in my garden - for chipmunks!

He's fast, but not that fast!

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The Idaho Beauty said...

Am enjoying these less saturated pieces. You're almost making me want to join you (but I have other fish to fry right now). You're a great inspiration though. And to have time for a little knitting too! I succumbed to a skein of local Alpaca yarn yesterday - 167 yds that I couldn't pass up but not sure what to do with it. That's not very much yarn but they only had the one skein in that variegated color. I'll figure it out!

queenopearls said...

Judy, the new fabrics look so Angelic. Great photos and, in the last photo, Bosco looks like he is taking time to smell the flowers. :) What a truly inspiring garden. :) I see why you are enjoying this season. Thanks always! ~ Christina