Thursday, October 15, 2015

Day 75....Sick Days

my dyejob for today:
another damask table napkin

.....this result is what I had in mind

the grand cherubs are all sick with colds,
so I drove down this morning to be with the two older ones,
while the baby went for his 2-month check-up
(2 months already?)
the traffic between our house and their's is pretty awful
almost all of the time,
* but particularly at rush hour *
It took me an hour fifteen to get there 
with lots of pokey drivers in my way
I stayed until after lunch and then headed home...
another hour fifteen
that kind of driving wipes me out 
and I wasn't much in the mood to sew or dye
having challenged myself to 200 days really helped today
I felt compelled to get a bit more sewing done -
because there may be days in the future when I simply cannot
for one reason or another
there are many days when the challenge really
makes me work a little bit harder,
and that is very good!
I did one more pinwheel and joined it and more sashing to the row

this is only a partial row

the kids are gearing up for Halloween
.....and Henry is smiling and laughing lots:
a very happy baby boy,
even after his 2-month shots and a cold!

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queenopearls said...

Judy, the damask napkin looks beautiful! :) Glad to hear the grands are doing better and Henry does look super happy. :)
The scarf arrived today and it is even more beautiful in person! Thank you SOOO much! ~ Christina

Carol said...

Such beautiful grand cherubs, Judy. Charlie and Maggie look so grown up now and Henry is just adorable. Hope they recover quickly from their colds.