Friday, October 16, 2015

Day 76

I've added yet another row....
and by my rather rough calculations,
I may have enough rows to have finished 
the body of the quilt top....
then I just need to sew up the borders,
which should be great fun

Last evening I put one of Dharma's tunic tops under ice,
and here's what I got:

It's quite nice, and the quality of the cotton jersey is good.
I think it will make a great top to wear over tights this winter.

Have a great weekend

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Jeannie said...

Love the color of the tunic and you will look so stylish! Mag's quilt is adorable. Like I have said many times, it makes me happy. :)

queenopearls said...

Oh my stars and butterflies Judy, the quilt top is looking effervescent! Truly wonderful.
The tunic top looks magnificent. How fun! It would look great with a pair of jeans and a solid scarf. :)
~ Christina

The Idaho Beauty said...

I like this one a lot!