Thursday, December 31, 2015

Day 111: testing, testing

I haven't been entirely pleased with my stamping results
over the past few days,
so I decided to do a comparison between textile paints.
I felt that the paint I was using wasn't bold enough.
I have only two other brands on hand:
Setacolor and Speedball.
Both are opaque, so I feel good about that.
That said, I'm still not getting a very saturated color.

I had a wonderful long FaceTime session 
with my friend Maggi this morning.
It had been far too long since we had enjoyed such a gab fest.
I mentioned to her that all I had left to accomplish on
my granddaughter Maggie's quilt is the backing.
She asked what I was doing today
and I thought to myself "procrastinating"!
So, thanks to Maggi, 
I've now washed and measured all of the
backing fabric, and tomorrow I will get it sewn together!
Then off to the long armed quilter it goes!

I finished sewing up my latest project bag.
I had no was in the way of the quilt back fabric!

As I close out my blog posts for 2015,
I want to thank you all for stopping by
and leaving such kind and thoughtful comments,
both privately and publicly.
I began this marathon 200 Days
so that I would keep to the task of piecing Maggie's quilt.
It worked!!
Now that it is nearly done,
I see that there are so many more projects that I wish to do.
So please bear with me for the remaining 89 days.

I wish all the best for you and yours in 2016,
and I will continue to pray for



Jeannie said...

Wishing you and your's much joy in the New Year. Time for new beginnings, new perspective, and hopefully, a new attitude. (The attitude was top on my Christmas wish list.) :)

Merrilee Tieche said...

200 days seemed such a long time when you started, but now there are only about 3 months to go. You have accomplished so much with such dedication; I can't wait to see what you begin next! Wishing you and your dear family a Happy New Year, and that 2016 will be the best year of your life!