Sunday, January 03, 2016

Day 112

Happy New Year

I am concocting a few new things
to add to our home's eclectic decor.
I'm not sure where this is going,
but when I figure it out,
I'll let you know.

My design wall is empty!
Well, it was until I pinned this on there:

The center triangle and the bottom strip of fabric
are both a lovely blue,
but they did not photograph well.

Anyway, I dropped Maggie's quilt off
at the quilter's home yesterday afternoon.
It was such a good feeling to get it off the wall
and on its way.
Now I just have to wait.
It will be about 3 weeks, 
as she has two quilts ahead of mine.

This morning, I dyed the blue strip of fabric that you see above.
I decided I wanted an unmottled piece 
and so was using Elin Noble's method
of dyeing in the washing machine.
All was going well until I plugged in my iron
and the washer stopped and the lights went out.
I flipped all of the circuit breakers,
but to no avail.
I figured out how to get power to the washer, 
so continued the dyeing,
but still have no lights...until our electrician 
comes to my aid.
So, no dyeing in the studio for a few days. 
That said, the washing machine method of dyeing
worked great.
You can find that technique (and many more) 
Thank you Elin Noble!

Thanks for stopping by.



Jeannie said...

Color! What better way to start off the new year that a bold burst of color? Sorry about the electricity. It is the one area of DIY that we both run from in fear. I think it is magic and Carl just finds it a pain to deal with. Hope it is just something minor. When we were on the wet side, I went to the LQS "just to look". LOL! I think this winter of cold and snow was getting to me because I came out with fat quarters of Amish solids - bright and bold. Happy New Year! Wishing only goodness to come your way.

The Idaho Beauty said...

I have that book! But I haven't looked at it in a long time. I was mostly interested in the paint and marbling part, having settled on a dye process I was happy with. Will have to take a cruise through it. Is your washing machine a regular one or one of the low water energy saving ones?

queenopearls said...

Oh Judy, may the electrical issue be an easy and inexpensive fix. I completely get how frustrating it can be but glad the dying went well. I agree, the book is wonderful!
~ Christina

Maggi said...

Love the colours but sorry about the electrics. Hope they get resolved quickly and inexpensively. I think that was the first dyeing book I ever bought.