Monday, January 04, 2016

Day 113: the great new, the bad news

The great news is that the electrician did 
make a house/studio call
this afternoon
he was able to fix my problem.
But by the time he left, there was no time for dyeing.
That's ok, there's always tomorrow.

I did get another little row added to my experimental piece
As Jeannie says, it is bright,
and it feeds my soul during the winter.

I also carved another Greek Key stamp:

the portion in black is the print out from my computer
the colored parts are my stamping
this particular key is great because it plays
nicely with corners

of course, then I got carried away
with some leftover stamping medium

I hope to have time to try these on my cotton test fabric tomorrow

thanks for stopping by



Carol said...

Judy, you're on a roll with your keys! Great stuff. Good news re electrician.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Ooo - I like that turn-the-corner triangle one!

Maggi said...

You may not have had time for dyeing but you were productive anyway. Glad that the electrician fixed your problem.